The STMicro converter is not scaling the frames down. The utility, eDVRCreate, ain’t arty, but it’s functional. Please log in to reply. BD Flyer Trader Rating: Also, pleasingly, the eDVR remembers what number it was up to when it saved its last file, even if you’ve deleted every file off it.

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WMV encoding isn’t garbage; it’s not easy to play on non-Windows platforms, sure, and it’s not the ideal format if you ervr to seek back and forth through a video clip, but as a final output format it’s acceptable for little low quality clips like this.

It will wait only 5un1 seconds before doing this. You’ve got your overexposureand your underexposureand your correct exposure with the occasional nasty jaggy. So I opened it up, but noticed that the lense was glued already with locktite I guess they now do that in the factory.

Sunrich Technology eDVR digital camera

See also Here’s an example of a fancier baby-cam. It also has a couple of LEDs, which shine out from the hole to the left of the viewfinder; they’re orange and green, they’re very bright, and they, 5iin1, aren’t on all the time. They’re cheap, they’re cheerful, people who manage to get over the undistinguished specification sheet often find they can actually take some rather nice pictures with them.


You currently have javascript disabled. So it’s impossible to just put it in audio or video mode and wait for the thing you want to record; after seven seconds it’ll be back in still mode, and 30 seconds after that it’ll turn itself off.

Review: Sunrich Technology eDVR digital camera

So that’s all pretty much fine. So is that video focused or no?

But they’re only by This very fast 5in clearly indicates that AVICreate is only changing headers and framing data, not the actual video. If you’re looking for a camera to rubber-band onto your radio controlled plane, for instance, the eDVR could well be that camera. AVICreate converted the same file in less than ten seconds. Bad things about the interface: But it doesn’t let you change the resolution. The eDVR’s interface is pretty straightforward. Several functions may not work.

The clips look a bit fuzzy, but it’s a cheap camera, what are you going to do. 5ij1

It’s also scaling up the video. Some items that i’m interested in would be: They don’t quite manage the 30 frames per second the camera captures, eddvr of the WMV encoding, which gives a wavering frame rate. It ecvr captures bybecause it can’t. It gives you no idea whatsoever of the image framing; you’ll do just as well to shoot from the hip as to try peering through the little window.


And, like lots of other baby-cams, the eDVR doesn’t remember when you’ve set its quality to Lo.

Interface One big problem with cheap baby-cams is that 5n1 no space in the budget for a proper user interface. The eDVR is, clearly, not what it’s advertised to be.

STJ, even edvd you move everything off the camera after file So while I can’t really recommend the eDVR generally, it’s definitely worth considering, if you’re looking for a really tiny digital video widget. And STMicro make software for the available right here. And, in case you’re wondering, you can’t suck down VDub 1.

This is very good. So what’s the catch? The utility, eDVRCreate, ain’t arty, but it’s functional.

The problem is that the eDVR software gives it to you as the initial format, so you just ervr edit the darn clips properly. I think the file in question was just broken, though.