Where can I get a replacement? HP number RA, or Apple number It only runs under System 7. HAHA — my manual feed doesn’t work either – it probably needs new rollers or a new maintence kit, forget it. There is plenty of paper in the machine. I checked the manual already, but still confused me. The lower the dpi, the less memory is needed.

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Can anyone tell or point me to maintenance information. Just a couple of questions: We continue to offer Apple Stylewriter and ImageWriter printers, complete or their parts.

Word docs- but I am inclined to not see how that would affect controls for moving paper. This list offers examples of those printers in various conditions.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360

Most models except the IInt and IIsc will accept memory upgrades. Check our Personal Laserwriter printer parts Web page welect specifics.

Hard to find, many of these are damaged before I get them.

Here is the link- “translated” This links to a text page list of my currently available Imagewriter and Imagewriter II printers. It describes your problem exactly. Also all new printers require very specific software “drivers” which old Macs don’t have.


Ask about specific parts. Per this forumn, I disassembled the printer, cleaned the optics and put it back pronter.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

Does anyone know what needs repair? Has any one else encountered this? Priter printer just began giving me simultaneous rapidly flashing paper out and misfeed lights when I turn the printer on.

This unit is easily removed, just four screws at ends.

Dave, Thanks for the info. Basically, the printer works okay. Any printer will misfeed if the paper or environment is too dry or too humid, or will misfeed some kinds of paper. I’ve got the Centris connected with Laserwriter 8 installed and printer connected with local talk connectors at both ends.

How do I get rid of the “bubbles”.

A former product line manager at Apple explained: There is no way to make it go any faster. On this printer, poor quality is usually due to either a bad toner cartridge drum replace the toner cartridge or a dirty laser window. InI had some Imagewriter I printers. It became economically unfeasible to sell them on the site since we were selling it for less with the instructional CD included. Cable connects to PC parallel connector on Stylewriter. If it did that engine test, the only thing you didn’t test was the formatter board.


I installed from scratch. Try a different number, that’s what I had to do in order for my printer to work at first. We no longer have this in stock. Follow this link for ordering information and terms and conditions of sale.

Apple LaserWriter Select Printer – Apple Rescue of Denver

Then they all come on again as the printer start another runing pulse. I can not seem to find a definitive solution as to how to stop my LaserWriter from printing a start up page, each and every time I turn the printer on.

I’d hate to buy a new cart and find it doesn’t help.