This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. After I turn it back on the screen stays off while the machine seems to work. I don’t think this belongs here, it’s not exactly a server issue. Now I ask a favor, you can help me solve this problem? I’m still seeing session loss after resume.

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First release I can do suspend. Reporting Questions ubuntj BruceAdams ]: First version of Linux I’ve used that resumed with functional wireless and sound out of the box. But from what I understand ATI drivers are garbage for linux.

KernelTeam/SuspendResumeTesting/Feedback – Ubuntu Wiki

Could not test furthur. Installing fglrx worked perfectly. An HTML form for results entry would be good to reduce wiki locking problems how many have results and gave up? Option ” NoAccel ” “true” in xorg.

For the record, laptop freezes on first test. Is there a fix for this driver or drivers different on the Internet?


ATI Radeon graphic chip X1270 not supported by Ubuntu

Hard reset didnt produce apport. X11 session manager not running. Didn’t run the whole test. Does not work when both loaded. Find More Posts by soundpete. Are you new to Uubuntu. Only the first test requires password when waking up.

Jaunty update of ubunt Battery suspend 0mw apparently AC not plugged in. AR Wireless Network Adapter 2. Does not auto-resume, does not produce bug report. Is it possible to run this script and do the testing on a live-CD system?

This is s1270 more related to your video card and drivers. I have a Compaq Presariowhich passed the script test except for one problem. I might try gonzaloPK ideas, while im waiting for this to download, I am not however a programer or anything so Im a little scared of messing around at that level.

So, ubhntu question remains: Failed to up device After these errors on Ubuntu Obviously I don’t want to knowingly create a duplicate bug though. Dell Inspiron Intel Intel 2.


This is a pain. When I tried to report the results, I found that ‘Auto eth0’ was down, and I had to run dhclient to get the network established again. The power loss calculation for the battery was incorrect. While the card is not supported in the latest versions of Catalyst, the installation of the driver fixes whatever modeset is causing the buffer error what I call the drawing of all of those lines.


Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Switched to text mode and did not power off monitor. My laptop fails to suspend and resume when it is not connected to the AC, however it doesn’t crash, and if I connect the AC half an hour later, it will suspend no problem.

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