Innova Vulcan – Star. For a right-handed forehand shot, the disc flight arcs to the right, which is useful for traveling around obstacles on your right side. Hook up and fall flat? The Leopard is a great turno…. Like all other Aviar models it is reliable and dependable in all conditions. We offer these ways to narrow your search. Innova Vulcan – GStar.

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The Best Discs for Throwing Forehand – Innova Disc Golf

Innova Leopard – Champion Dyed. Also, feel free to join our Discord Server. The Innova Star Roadrunner is a beginner friendly anhhzer long-range distance driver with lots of glide. The Innova Champion Dyed Monarch is a great beginner friendly understable distance driver.

Innova Understable Golf Discs

As Lizotte misses his birdie putt, Nate also takes home the 3rd place in the tournament! Innova Mamba – Echo Star.

Find all posts by yankees A stable flyer that performs predictably into the wind. Aggressive bfst, upshots, About the Bullfrog from Innova: The Colossus if Innova’s first driver to eclipse the Speed 13 barrier.


The grippy, firm plastic will feel good in cold or hot weather. In this instance, the right handed golfer would angle the left side of the disc upward. It has the same flight characteristics of these ever popular discs plus the additional bonus of Star plastic. Innova Leopard3 – Champion Glow. You can count on a Banshee to perform even into the wind.

Actually, it is ‘wedged’ between a disc golf putter and a mid range driver.

The Anhyzer Disc Golf Throw

The Condor has a very stable true flight. The VTech feels better in the hand, i….

Send a private message to Brick Forcepush. The Innova Echo Star Leopard is a great beginner friendly understable fairway driver. Headwind drives, distance hyzers, power sidearms. What does Hyzer, Anhyzer mean? Brick Forcepush Eagle Member.

The micro bead gives the rim a smooth feel, anhuzer for power forehand throws. Find all posts by tbird Violets caddy Double Eagle Member. The Wombat is a large diameter disc golf driver that flies similar to the Foxbat with added convex technology or VTech.


For a right-handed forehand shot, the disc flight arcs to the right, which is useful for traveling around obstacles on your right side.

The Anhyzer Disc Golf Throw

It is versatile and is dependable in all conditions. The Commander is a large diameter Mid-Range disc bbest a max weight of g A favorite of two-time World Champion Barry Shultz.

Find the live scoring at discgolfworldtour. The time now is Players want a putter that feels comfortable in the hand and delivers a consistent stroke. Innova Panther – Champion.