It’s exactly the tool I needed and I love it!!! If you set your buffer settings similar to the screen shot posted above and your still getting pops and clicks, then there is something else interfering with Sonars and Edirols performance on your computer. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I was talking about in sonar, not in windows. So it allows me to process my voice with my Micromodular without having to turn the computer on! Otherwise, it works intuitively. Sort by most recent most useful.

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Latencies obtained with my computer config rather heavy-handed: However your post on configuring Sonar for Edirol was wrong specificaly That may be for an Edirol device but it isn’t for the UA I won’t buy another sound card in a long time.

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You should also investigate Project Templates. Six years of daily use have given me because at this level. Sort by most recent most useful. If Windows trys to access the UA while using Sonar you can get lock ups, especially if the sample rates don’t match.

It came down to two things. Also, I would suggest not using the UA as your primary sound for Windows. I have not tried more If its midi, explain your routing also Cj www. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 3.


Manuel simple and clear.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. No problems whatsoever in 64 bit or 32 bit for OS I use Master going to UA Channel 1 and 2 as my default, but I feed all 8 outputs to a mixer so I can do some quick level changes for monitoring when necessary. The manufacturing quality seems to be good, the sound is excellent no buzz or hum except with preamps at max. In addition it is pretty with her blue dress The small notebook of time a P4 morfler a bit, but it will be out.

Many inputs and outputs although when we bump with a mixer and a lot of machine hardwaregood opportunities in terms ua-11 connections. All audio cabling is doing by hand by a pro at home, so everything in the quality Do a Save As and choose Template and you’ll be able to have these settings for each new project you create.

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More than enough for my needs. The online manual is useful for understanding the subtleties qq internal routing. So it allows me to process my voice with my Micromodular without having to turn the computer on!


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By using our services, you agree to our ya-101 of cookies. Can I repeat what I said earlier, the manual is quite clear about a Sonar installation where it requests users to select the WDM driver and confirms all the other settings.

It’s a product you can forget about, it has no useless features, it just works. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 5.

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Also add the fact that, relatively new to capture audio gear, I was reassured by the fact that it was therefore deemed Roland gear solid.

Have you followed these precisely? I use the Hauptwerk software that runs it well.

Sorry I can’t be more constructive. I thought to use it to make the sound but the analog-to-digital converters audio input are not good and have disappointed me.