MX nodes, consists of kernel optimization, hardware drivers and unit tests. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. MX 8 was announced Q1 , based around 3 products. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Qualcomm Snapdragon , Snapdragon Samsung Exynos MX51 family high-end multimedia devices like smartbook or automotive infotainment and the i.

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iMX ARM® Cortex® Computer, MIPI CSI Vision, Linux, Pico-ITX

Freescale proposes a layered approach of software with selection of software components optimized for its chips. MX range is a family of Freescale Semiconductor now part of NXP proprietary microcontrollers for multimedia applications based on the ARM architecture and focused on low-power consumption.

Motorola-Freescale-NXP processors and microcontrollers. NXP have written that the i. MX solutions consist of hardware processors and development boards and software fresecale for the processor.

Qualcomm SnapdragonSnapdragon Samsung Exynos Most of them are guaranteed for a production lifetime of 10 to 15 years. MX application processors are SoCs System-on-Chipthat integrate many processing units into one die, like the main CPU, a video processing unit and a graphics freewcale unit for instance.


The company also provides a portfolio of multimedia Codecs ARM and Video processing unit accelerated. HiSilicon Kirin Qualcomm Snapdragon It ixm515 launched in MX processor is the result of Freescale collaboration with E Ink.

MX 6 based boards was added. MX development kits include WinCE.

MX nodes, consists of kernel optimization, hardware imx5155 and unit tests. MX51 family high-end multimedia devices like smartbook or automotive infotainment and the i.

MX originally stood for “innovative Multimedia eXtension”. Single-board microcontroller Special function register.

Many more reference boards are mentioned and supported through the Freescale i. MX28 family was launched in MX31 was launched in MX51 family support since version The high-end member of the family, i. Application areas include high-end security, transportation, military, industrial, communication, vision, and medical systems needing high performance rugged computers for complex systems.

MX CPU at its core, the SBC consumes minimal power while operating at MHz and delivering the performance needed to run multimedia-rich applications in harsh and demanding environments.

Freescale iMX Cortex™-A8 Android Epad Teardown « Reverse Engineering

Freescale has a range of partners providing real-time operating systems and software solutions running on ueb i. MX27 family is designed for videotelephony and video surveillance.


Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. Typical frrescale for the SBC include medical, gaming, ticketing, transportation, security and data logging.

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Featuring the cost-efficient, power-conscience Freescale Semiconductor i. MX 8M Mini also packs-in hardware p video acceleration to enable two-way video applications, 2D and 3D graphics to provide a rich visual HMI experience, and advanced audio capabilities to enable audio-rich applications.

For the first time, the rugged embedded world can incorporate an accelerometer into an embedded system with USB and still meet the reliability demands of rugged and harsh environments. This unique integration removes the need for external power management chip and audio codec chip. An extensive selection of high-speed interfaces enabling broader system connectivity, and targeting industrial level qualification, the i.

Significant design attention was given to maintaining a low noise analog subsystem that could deliver true bit and bit performance.