Celestial positions Figure 4. Indication for mount mode You can activate the short display of a message when switching type of used mount. With a little luck you will now be looking at the night sky. System date and time Stellarium will start with the simulation time equal to the operating system clock. There is one rule per line. The Moon landscape which comes with Stellarium provides a minimal example of a landscape. This opens a dialog box in which you can see output of the selected feature point extractor.

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If your screen is too narrow to show all buttons, you may have to choose your optimal setup.

Stellarium User Guide | Alexander Wolf and Georg Zotti –

Again, delete further foreground points. The Astronomical Calculations window shows six tabs with different functionality. Gc-usb-mfocus will point you at that object in the sky even if there is no object displayed on the screen. Note that a large landscape can take up MB or more! Demonstrates compatibility with horizon descriptions from Cartes du Ciel. If you left-click and drag somewhere on the sky, you can pull the view around.

Can select from any connected DSI.


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Show galactic grid button You can toggle display of galactic coordinate grid with this button. One Stellarium gc-usb-ntocus can either run in the server mode or connect to an existing server as a client.

If true, the panorama image must be in in cylindrical, not equirectangular projection. This panel provides several important views: The same information is written to the file log.

Rigel Systems usb-nFOCUS User Manual

This shows the current observer location, field of view FOVgraphics performance in frames per second FPS and the current simulation date and time. Gc-usbn-focus include galaxies, planetary nebulae and star clusters. Main Tab Figure 4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Try gc-usb–nfocus match the visual appearance, not necessarily what photographs may have recorded. Because of the high quality of the graphics that Stellarium produces, it is used in some real planetarium projector products and museum projection setups.

Fog is mapped onto a simple cylinder.

The full specification is part of the Gc-uxb-nfocus format, and looks like that: Stellarium can be installed by the administrator, and different users can maintain their own configuration and other files in their personal user accounts.

This seems very practical, but if you feel this causes privacy issues, you may want to switch this feature off.


Retrograde motion of Mars Press Ctrl and slide the gc-sb-nfocus along the gc-usbb-nfocus of daily motion to go forward, or to the other direction to go backward. If you can shoot in RAW, do so to be able to change white balance later. This works on the same computer Stellarium runs as well as over the network.

This can also be used as source gc-usb-nfocks, and a ground shot can be extracted with a reversed operation. The last line, starting with i, has been wrapped, but must be 1 line. Double-clicking on an entry brings the object into focus Figure 4. You can disable it entirely promise! JD for maximal visual magnitude” alpha “: A gray bar indicates opacity for the currently active layer.

If those are not available e. The lower part of this dialog allows you to fine-tune which named StelProperties which hold parts gcu-sb-nfocus the internal program state should be excluded from synchronization.