Value has to be url to camera zoom out command. Constant for NVR channel id. Value has to be url to image. Property for a camera image resolution. Value is automatically obtained from the camera if property is not set.

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Home Help Search Login Register. On successful operation execution, the Home Device Admin will return a HomeDevice object standing for the newly-joined camera device. Used in camera Generic driver.

Its value is constructed from its vendor concatenated with the version placed in brackets. All great — the user can input his own string, and save it. Property name for camera video protocol. Here’s an image taken with the Samsung. Property for a camera ID. In such a case, an administration application can force the contact with the new devices via the Home Device Manager API to the adapter and then to the driver.

The value of this property should consist of all the information needed to address the camera and establish a connection. RTSP port of the camera allocated for accepted requests. Binary data bytes, use -b option to extract Focal Length: The type of the camera. New to this forum, and hope I’m not venturing off-topic with this one: Properties required by the camera protocol adapter – You can retrieve the list of the properties for the adapter by using the getProperties or getPropertyMetadata method of the corresponding ProtocolAdapterInfo object.


The protocol adapter describes to the Home Device Manager, and the management applications its support for:. Add Camera Device without Device Classes The adding operation is introduced to meet cases when the underlying cameras protocol does not imply automatic detection of newly-joined camera devices. Standard Image Unique ID: If the default value is a String[]you must pick one of the elements of this array as the actual value.

Firmware version of the camera.

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Value is automatically obtained from the camera if property is not set. The mapping between the Cameras controls and the device classes is as follows: Property for a camera move down url.

Property for a camera image url.

To be able to manage camera devices, the Cameras Protocol Adapter exports its devices under the Cameras name. Property for the camera video format. I’ve heard that different manufactorers Sony and Samsung etc may use EXIF quite differently, so maybe it shouldn’t come as any surprise that something like this could happen?


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Property for camera video url. Value has to be url to camera move left command. For more detailed information on device classes, refer to the ” Devices ” document of the HDM Module. No Camer Focal Length: Protocol Properties The device properties related to the underlying protocol are described in the following table: The Cameras protocol adapter maintains the minimal time period over which jpev a device class property can be executed.

The allowed value of a property is either a String or a String[].

Value has to be image protocol of the camera. The default interval is milliseconds.